Greece – Our home

Most people associate Greece with long sandy beaches, turquoise house domes and ancient temples. Stories of Greek gods sitting on mount Olympus thinking of mischief! Nevertheless what makes it really unique for us, is its flair.

This is what we love!

  • Its laid back atmosphere.
  • Greek hospitality and their patience with children.The Greek cuisine with its world-known dishes, served by unique family tavernas.
  • The olive tree and all what evolves around it. The groves to hike and the olive oil freshly squeezed in the mill outside the villages.
  • Greek wine, today small modern wineries produce excellent wines from traditional grapes, lots of them organic.
  • It´s incredible landscape with high mountains and thousands of islands to explore.

This is where we live!

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Sea is known for Skorpios, the legendary island of the Onassis family, as well as Ithaka, the island of Homer’s Odysseus. For centuries the islands were under Venetian, French, and British influence. Therefore, they have more of a cosmopolitan flair with a cooler climate, forested mountains and lots of olive, cypress and citrus trees.

We like them, because each island has its own flair and they are located quiet close to each other. During summer we have moderate winds and there are lots of little bays to hide in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Greece holidays

We are easy to be reached!

From May to October there are direct charter flights from all over Europe. Three charter airports are available – Actio/ Preveza , Corfu, and Kefalonia. Preveza airport  is only a 45 minutes drive away from our favorite anchor spot in Vliho Bay, Lefkada.

Greek mainland – Mythaka

Avalon Pirates

Ithaka – Vathi

Ithaka – Kioni

Lefkada – Nidri

Kefalonia – Assos

Lefkada – Vliho

Our favorite spots!

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